Goats in the sunshine

I suspect this blog is now going to morph from a novice writer’s witterings to a portfolio of artwork – ‘ideas melt’ but there are always things to draw and the brighter days are much more appealing to the eye than winter gloom and indoor lighting (ecofriendly but a bit dim).

We had a lovely sunny day here on Monday, so I went over the road with a sketchbook to try and draw my neighbour’s goats etc. One of them, Candice (!), was more obliging than the other – the latter therefore appears several times in different views, while Candice held a more sustained pose.




After a while, Candice came to inspect me:





I adjourned to the back yard for a beverage and an attempt at the shaggy dog – but he wandered off before I got to his head so it turned into backdoor clutter:



Finally I looked for a more static subject. I always find myself attracted to anything with perspective in it:



Copyright © 2014 Fliss Watts




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