Sweet Tooth and rememberings

I have just finished reading Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan (borrowed from my daughter’s well-selected bookshelves). For this child of the sixties and seventies, it brought back dim memories of the three-day week, of candle-lit evenings by the Rayburn (it would be harder to cope with all those power cuts now), of the parents’ hatred of Ted Heath (though in later years he was somewhat forgiven in light of his opposition to Thatcher). It seems a very long time ago – the pits were still open and belonged to the nation; the trees we played among were grimy with coal smoke and the yellow sandstone and red brick of the house I grew up in were black. We lived then under the shadow of the Cold War, as we now live under that of climate change. Do you think MI5, MI6 and the CIA are secretly working to save us from global warming, or are they still mired in the conflicts of ideology and power?

(Thanks to the BBC for this image.)


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