and more drapery – work in progress

1st 'sitting'
1st ‘sitting’
2nd 'sitting'
2nd ‘sitting’

4 thoughts on “and more drapery – work in progress

  1. Hard to do drapery well, I would think! Have always been impressed by those classical statures where the drapery has great verisimilitude of bunching, hanging fabric.

    1. I remember seeing an amazing carving in the Louvre of a woman wearing a veil – you felt you were seeing her face through silk though it was just the marble surface

      1. Mmmm!

        Are you familiar with Ingres? He had some issues with anatomy (see: La Grande Odalisque) and not the most riveting subject matter — but dude put the satin in “satin ball gown” like nobody’s business!

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