Politics etc.

I haven’t had the energy or inclination to post much verbiage here lately, partly because the things that are going on in the world make anything I might find to say seem redundant – the news makes me sad or angry, or both.

I cannot say anything about yesterday’s news that hasn’t been said already by so many others.

Today, our junior doctors are striking  – and here is an article that says it all. It concludes:

And so health workers set an example for the rest of us. No Tory government has ever won a majority on such a low share of the vote. Less than a quarter of eligible voters opted for them. Do we just placidly accept their ideologically driven desire to drive back the frontiers of the state, to cut and privatise? Do we remain passive as they drive through cuts to universal credit which will leave millions of the “hard-working families” they patronise worse off, while they leave young people saddled with debt and stripped of state support; while war is waged against one of those most fundamental needs and rights, housing? I suggest not. Where the junior doctors and nurses march, we should follow – and remind the triumphalist Tories they are weaker than they think.