what separates…

In a couple of weeks I’ll be having an exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture at a local gallery. Here are some pictures of the central piece which I have been working on lately, as seen in an earlier post.

external view


The piece is a combination of elements made over a long period. The wooden box lined with mirrors was made when I was a student at City and Guilds of London Art School (1992). It then contained a stone hemisphere and a bronze form resembling a skull or a helmet. That piece was called ‘Solipsism’.

The two bronze figures were made more recently and were originally intended to form parts of a composition of two figures, one standing, one sitting.

Both of these sources relate to ideas of social alienation or isolation.

This new incarnation adds to these elements a papier mâché barrier, for which I cannibalised an old book (Economics for Helen by Hilaire Belloc, inherited from my late aunt, who studied economics at university in the 1920s).


Meaning is in the eye of the beholder.


Then this morning I read this post which rang several bells.