knit up the ravelled sleeve…

This blog has gone quiet of late because any creative impulse has been smothered by ongoing larger events. It is hard to see a point in writing or art when huge and horrible forces seem to be growing in the world, when bigotry and xenophobia and misogyny seem to be thriving, and when the human assault on the planet goes on apace however many pledges nations make.

But this week I’ve been reminded of the value of thought and knowledge and philosophy by Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Reith lectures, which provide a wonderful, enlightened, enlightening exposition of the flawed bases of all the ‘us’es and ‘them’s, the arbitrariness of the labels that are used to divide people, and a call to recognise the hybrid roots of all cultures.

We are all connected in so many ways, whether we know it or not, to each other and to the environment we live in. Let’s acknowledge, respect and nurture those connections, not only because we depend on them but because the world and we are richer for them.