Two still lifes

the pebble replaced a little round tin that turned out to be problematic
still life with pencil


toryfags 001

In case you can’t read the small print on this litter, it says:
Disclaimer: Seller accepts no responsibility for contents, which may differ from advertised offer.
Caution: Voting Tory will harm your health service, schools, environment, social services.
Especially harmful to children.

Landscape and bonescape

Last week I went to Castlerigg Stone Circle to have a go at drawing the stones and the landscape – I don’t attempt landscape much as it always seems too big for the page and there are so many people much better at it. But it was a nice day so …

It took twice as long as normal to get there, because of road works on the A66 and some ink had escaped and I had to chase a piece of paper which blew off the drawing board – so by the time I started drawing I felt a bit like Mr Bean. This is another reason why I don’t do much landscape drawing.


There were quite a few people wandering about, but I left them out.

Then yesterday I had another go at the sheep skull – intending to do something more unidentifiable with a closeup and adding colour, I ended up with this. So much for intentions.

skullink 001