Allegorical drawing

The self-made man stands on his own two feet, like Ozymandias, surveying his realm, seeing what he wants to see.


Who sees more clearly? The powerful or the powerless?

I read an interesting phrase today in a book on education and racism; it spoke of ‘the possessive investment in remaining ignorant’ on the part of the privileged. In the process of reading this book, the image above developed in my mind. (Cf. Plato’s cave.)

Two plants in a pot – live and let live


These two plants are growing in the same small pot. The jade plant (Crassula ovata) is offspring of a larger plant that has survived maybe 20 years of neglect by me. The other more delicate one arrived on its own and I have no idea what it is or how it got there – a seed blown through the window or carried in by me or the dog or lurking in the compost? Whatever, it seems to be doing no harm so I will leave it alone and see if it survives the winter. I’ve never been very good at weeding.

Life drawing

It’s been ages since I got to a life drawing session, but there was one today only 15 minutes away from home, so I made it. I mainly stuck to pencil and had a really enjoyable day, in spite of the ‘glasses on/glasses off’ dilemma. (This is a problem that arises when you wear glasses, especially when you need different prescriptions for near and far vision – bifocals do not work well for drawing as the ‘near’ correction, designed for reading, is too small to see the whole drawing. So I find myself choosing between a clear view of the model or a clear view of the drawing, or a fuzzy view of both. I probably need a new prescription anyway…)

Here are some of the results.

Quick pose with wedge under right foot – makes for an impression of light-footed movement:



long pose – got a bit over-worked, especially in the face:


1hr pose – probably the most satisfactory of the day:Photo3302