Life drawing

It’s been ages since I got to a life drawing session, but there was one today only 15 minutes away from home, so I made it. I mainly stuck to pencil and had a really enjoyable day, in spite of the ‘glasses on/glasses off’ dilemma. (This is a problem that arises when you wear glasses, especially when you need different prescriptions for near and far vision – bifocals do not work well for drawing as the ‘near’ correction, designed for reading, is too small to see the whole drawing. So I find myself choosing between a clear view of the model or a clear view of the drawing, or a fuzzy view of both. I probably need a new prescription anyway…)

Here are some of the results.

Quick pose with wedge under right foot – makes for an impression of light-footed movement:



long pose – got a bit over-worked, especially in the face:


1hr pose – probably the most satisfactory of the day:Photo3302


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