More mazing, with sciography

Work in progress, though progress towards what remains to be seen. (At least I think I’m spelling sciography right now.)


I may need to go back to the drawing board (literally – I have one with parallel straight edge etc. gathering dust in the barn).



And I should probably find out the proper way of projecting shadows in a perspective drawing.

(No doubt this could all be done easily on a computer but that would miss the point (or lack of point) of making a drawing on paper by hand.)


Tory jenga 2

Some small additions to this drawing seemed called for:


Many ethical systems come down to principles such as ‘do as you would be done by’. It’s a principle that requires a bit of moral imagination, though. If you focus on yourself, and the worst thing you can imagine is having to pay more tax, ‘do as you would be done by’ doesn’t get you very far. If the people deciding what is a reasonable standard for public housing had to contemplate living in it themselves, maybe they would be less likely to prioritise saving money over saving lives.