Only Connect – one for the nerds

There’s a quiz programme on the BBC which I like, called Only Connect, which used to allow viewers to submit puzzles to their website. For some reason, yesterday, I found myself constructing one of these puzzles. It turns out you can’t submit them to the Only Connect website anymore, so, in the spirit of waste-not-want-not, here it is.

Sound Erythematous Strait Mary
Violet Bay Florid Marina
Rosy Jenny Chilling Blushing
Sheila Pink Broad Veronica

The idea is that you sort the grid into four groups of four. In the words of Wikipedia: ‘Each team receives a wall of 16 clues and must figure out a perfect solution, consisting of four groups of four connected items. The puzzles are designed to suggest more connections than actually exist, and some clues appear to fit into more than one category.’ A word of warning, groups may involve an element of word play.

Let me know if you would like the answers 🙂

And here’s a re-use of a totally irrelevant drawing of one of my favourite Freud paintings – yes, I am trying to distract myself from politics…

pencil drawing from Freud’s Double Portrait