December life drawing

After rather a long gap, I managed to get to a life drawing day yesterday. As usual we started with quick poses:

3-minute gesture drawings

For the long pose, I decided to leave the first oil sketch at a fairly loose stage, rather than going on for more detail and precision.

oil sketch, limited palette
oil sketch, limited palette

From sketch to print

Since last summer, when I can, I have been going to West Cumbria Print Studio (luckily for me only 10 minutes away!)  to make some etchings based on life drawings etc. from my sketchbooks. The drawings are all very quick ones done without time to think, so part of  the challenge is to keep that spontaneity in the prints. As you can tell from the mirroring, I am too lazy to reverse the drawings – I just copy them on to the plate.


Photo0943  Photo0978



Photo1503  Photo1516



383163_526191520760932_490968319_n  watts_fliss2



198847_539165472796870_783482672_n  Photo1517


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Goats in the sunshine

I suspect this blog is now going to morph from a novice writer’s witterings to a portfolio of artwork – ‘ideas melt’ but there are always things to draw and the brighter days are much more appealing to the eye than winter gloom and indoor lighting (ecofriendly but a bit dim).

We had a lovely sunny day here on Monday, so I went over the road with a sketchbook to try and draw my neighbour’s goats etc. One of them, Candice (!), was more obliging than the other – the latter therefore appears several times in different views, while Candice held a more sustained pose.




After a while, Candice came to inspect me:





I adjourned to the back yard for a beverage and an attempt at the shaggy dog – but he wandered off before I got to his head so it turned into backdoor clutter:



Finally I looked for a more static subject. I always find myself attracted to anything with perspective in it:



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