Starting from a rather unsuccessful charcoal drawing of crumpled paper, added water soluble ink and a little bit of tinted pencil shading and some red watercolour and a thin wash background:


Boosting the image in a computer seemed to make it stronger, so I added more watercolour to try and get the same effect on paper:



Maze developments – pencil, ink, tracing paper, threadPhoto3254

Beachcombing – crab remnant


I brought the crab shell home because of its beautiful colours – but they turned out to be too much of a challenge – so I resorted to monochrome ink instead.

Landscape and bonescape

Last week I went to Castlerigg Stone Circle to have a go at drawing the stones and the landscape – I don’t attempt landscape much as it always seems too big for the page and there are so many people much better at it. But it was a nice day so …

It took twice as long as normal to get there, because of road works on the A66 and some ink had escaped and I had to chase a piece of paper which blew off the drawing board – so by the time I started drawing I felt a bit like Mr Bean. This is another reason why I don’t do much landscape drawing.


There were quite a few people wandering about, but I left them out.

Then yesterday I had another go at the sheep skull – intending to do something more unidentifiable with a closeup and adding colour, I ended up with this. So much for intentions.

skullink 001

ink and stuff

In a gap between ‘day jobs’, I seem to have recovered a bit of drive to put paint on canvas and ink on paper. It may not last, given the likely result of the ‘snap’ general election in June, but maybe I’ll be less derailed than I was by last year’s political train wrecks. Maybe it won’t be a train wreck this time? Hoping against hope.

In the meantime:


feather 001

(I even made a little video of that feather drawing, which is on my facebook page. In case you’re curious, the drawing starts with indelible Indian ink, then a bit of water-soluble Quink added strategically, which is turned into a wash with a wet brush. The black Quink separates nicely into blueish and brownish. The paper is Fabriano printing paper.)