Life drawing

It’s been ages since I got to a life drawing session, but there was one today only 15 minutes away from home, so I made it. I mainly stuck to pencil and had a really enjoyable day, in spite of the ‘glasses on/glasses off’ dilemma. (This is a problem that arises when you wear glasses, especially when you need different prescriptions for near and far vision – bifocals do not work well for drawing as the ‘near’ correction, designed for reading, is too small to see the whole drawing. So I find myself choosing between a clear view of the model or a clear view of the drawing, or a fuzzy view of both. I probably need a new prescription anyway…)

Here are some of the results.

Quick pose with wedge under right foot – makes for an impression of light-footed movement:



long pose – got a bit over-worked, especially in the face:


1hr pose – probably the most satisfactory of the day:Photo3302


Mainly drawings

There was a life drawing day last Saturday – the long pose was set up by a member of the group who loves colour and it was inspired by Matisse apparently – lots of brightly coloured drapery and foliage around the model. Not my cup of tea, and the painting shows it – I even edited it at home, which I very rarely do. On the other hand, the quick poses were good fun – Indian ink and a dip pen somehow focus the mind and eye. Sometimes I think I should stick to drawing…

3 min ink
3 min ink
15 min ink
15 min ink

A propos (sort of) from Citizen Sketcher:

This is why paintings work on the wall, and drawings work in a book. You read a drawing, you view a painting.

life drawing

It’s been a while since I managed to get to a life drawing session. As usual we started with some 5 and 10 minute poses.


And then a longer pose – experimenting with ink and brushes:


then back to basics in pencil:


From sketch to print

Since last summer, when I can, I have been going to West Cumbria Print Studio (luckily for me only 10 minutes away!)  to make some etchings based on life drawings etc. from my sketchbooks. The drawings are all very quick ones done without time to think, so part of  the challenge is to keep that spontaneity in the prints. As you can tell from the mirroring, I am too lazy to reverse the drawings – I just copy them on to the plate.


Photo0943  Photo0978



Photo1503  Photo1516



383163_526191520760932_490968319_n  watts_fliss2



198847_539165472796870_783482672_n  Photo1517


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