Covid-19 Lockdown thoughts, distractions

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately – events in the world make it hard to focus or to hear one’s own thoughts over the cacophony of social media and the deluge of tragic statistics. I hope you are ok wherever you find yourself in these disorienting times.

Here’s a post I put on Facebook the other day (with inspiration from George Monbiot):

Lessons from the current crisis: 1. the ‘defence of the realm’ from real threats (pandemics, climate emergency, ecosystem collapse) depends on health care and resilient social support systems, not on military hardware, on community, not rivalry. 2. An economic system based on endless growth in consumption and in debt, on running as fast as we can to get to next month, on just-in-time supply chains stretching round the world, cannot cope with simply stopping all inessential activity. The inessential has become essential, to keep the income streams flowing. When the crisis is over we need a restructuring of social priorities so that real needs are addressed, real dangers planned for and money flows are driven by reality not the other way round.

Citation: me

Between proofreads and Coronavirus updates, I have been working on a large (100x120cm) painting to keep myself occupied/distracted (art therapy?). I had bought the canvas with the intention of making a larger portrait of my latest sitter (see below), but obviously that is not possible at the moment. Instead, I have ‘recycled’ the mirror boxes from last year, combined with that rope, another recurring subject. This is not symbolic of anything more than the absence of a sitter, but hopefully creates an interesting composition (in the back of my mind is the image in Fellowship of the Ring of Goldberry seated among bowls of waterlilies in Tom Bombadil’s house).

early phase
at an early stage
as it is now (probably finished)
an earlier portrait of the intended sitter