drawing before adding wash

Life has been rather full lately, with work and Easter and getting things to exhibitions … but this morning was clear and calm with a thin frost quickly thawing, in the hedges nesting birds singing and squabbling. The hawthorn is in leaf, green in the sun and there are two swallows on the telegraph wires, newly returned from Africa or other points south. The lambs are getting bigger. Spring is sprung. Time to stop and breathe the clean air.

Indian ink and wash with wax resist
Indian ink and wash with wax resist

September pastoral

Warm September morning

The geese are back, noisy and disorganised

on their daily commute.

A haze lifts from fields glistening with a heavy dew,

and eastward, above a band of bright cloud,

the felltops float.

The hedge is red with haws

and, bright against a pyramid of tight black silage bales,

a robin pauses in its insect hunt,

poses, ready for its close-up.

Swallows and martins still climb the air,

swerve and stutter,

pin-sharp against the clear sky,

training for the marathon to come,

but the swifts are already gone.


Copyright © 2014 Fliss Watts

March Mist

I don’t plan to post every day but as I have a bit of a backlog to work through here is something from earlier this month:

March Mist


Yesterday was haze and brightness,

Hard to see against the sun

And the mild air hinted of spring.

But the mist came down in the space of half an hour…

It is still here today, damp and soft,

Calling up cool autumn mornings long ago,

Walking to school past dew-hung, cobwebbed hedges.

Birds sing – more as minutes pass

Late up today? Waiting for a breath of warmth to clear the air

Robins, blackbirds, chaffinches, and more,

their quick calls sharp against the constant shush of a road over there somewhere,

two fields away.

Then, purling and trilling, a lapwing – heard, not seen

The view of the distant fells has shrunk to barely half a field,

Ghost hedges fade into the grey

Ghost sheep graze.


Copyright © 2014 Fliss Watts