Portraits and hashtags

A painting and a drawing arising from today’s headlines and subject of my current proofreading job: the networked self.

Oil on canvas, 8 inches square
Pencil drawing – it’s all about the hashtag


Self-portrait – I thought I should make some use of the watercolour pad I bought a couple of months ago, so:

watercolourself 001

I considered cropping out the especially out-of-control yellow patch top left, but what the hey – ‘warts and all’.

self-portrait + doodlement


Drawn while listening to Radio 4 – so parts of this image evoke the Archers omnibus (hand) and other parts Desert Island Discs (background – Edna Adan Ismail is an amazing woman!). Though the new Philip Pullman book read by Simon Russell-Beale, which I listened to while drawing the main portrait, does not seem to have embedded itself in the drawing in the same way. Could that be because I was actually listening harder and looking harder so the two activities somehow stayed separate? Parallel processing…?

(Btw if you think I have a gloomy resting face, you can put that down to the constant stream of good reasons to be worried: climate crisis, NHS destruction, pointless Brexit blether, the orange one … but actually it’s just my concentrating face.)

Recent pencil self-portraits

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Keeping a handheld mirror as well as one’s head in one place while drawing is an issue.

pencil on paper

The above was drawn in bad light without glasses – which doesn’t seem to affect the result very much.

pencil on textured board

So I have decided not to worry about getting the two eyes ‘properly’ aligned.