Indian ink, memento mori

The other day I bought a little pot of Indian ink. It turns out to be too quick-drying and resolutely waterproof to serve the purpose I intended (more shadow drawings).

shadow drawing with Indian ink
shadow drawing with Indian ink

So I dug out a rather scratchy and erratic old dip pen and have done some scribbles of random subjects that came to hand:

view from the living room
view from the living room
not washing up

And then today I heard the sad news about Terry Pratchett…

anatomy study

From sketch to print

Since last summer, when I can, I have been going to West Cumbria Print Studio (luckily for me only 10 minutes away!)  to make some etchings based on life drawings etc. from my sketchbooks. The drawings are all very quick ones done without time to think, so part of  the challenge is to keep that spontaneity in the prints. As you can tell from the mirroring, I am too lazy to reverse the drawings – I just copy them on to the plate.


Photo0943  Photo0978



Photo1503  Photo1516



383163_526191520760932_490968319_n  watts_fliss2



198847_539165472796870_783482672_n  Photo1517


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