Election Day 2017

Well, today’s the day. This exhausting election campaign ends when the polls close this evening.

Thank god, you say – I’m fed up with the headlines, the facebook posts, the arguments, the lies. Let’s get back to reality!

But please – vote today, if you haven’t already. Ignore the weather, ignore the naysayers who can’t be bothered because ‘it never makes any difference anyway’.

What have you got to lose by voting? A little time. What do you lose by not voting? The chance to let them know what you think, the chance that this time it might make a difference, the chance to change the way we are going.

And when you vote, please – vote for the NHS, vote for decently funded education, vote for the environment, for investment in renewables and against fracking, vote against more wars, vote to preserve human rights legislation and against the control of the internet in the name of ‘security’ (because apparently that is more important than police officers and fire services to protect us). Vote for an end to the destructive and cruel policies of austerity that are getting us nowhere. Tell the current government they do not have a mandate to destroy and privatise our public services or to hold hands with Trump on our behalf. And, just maybe, if enough of us vote, we will make a real difference.

Vote anything but Tory! Please!


Tory Jenga (or ‘hollowing out the state’?)


Environmental protection should be on one of the lower bricks, along with public transport and many other things – but you get the idea I hope…

(Caveat: I have been pondering lately the importance of using complete and well-formed sentences capable of being judged as true or false when arguing for a position or policy, but I couldn’t resist this metaphor. While ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ it is of course pure rhetoric and asserts nothing.)