Weather – changeable

Today I imagine if you could look down from above

the land would be seen between fast-moving stripes of sunlit cloud.

From down here it has been a series of darks and lights

wind-driven, one minute throwing hail and rain and (now) wet snow at us,

then bright sun, doubly bright as it bounces off the wet road.

At each break in the cloud another optimistic dog walker sets out,

like those figures in a German weather house, to hurry back before they are caught by the next sweep of stinging wetness.

As I write snow is swirling and the sky is sliding from dirty grey to a kind of yellow as the clouds pass

and now over there it’s bright again and a washed blue rises up to high emptiness.

There goes another dog and friend, disappearing up the lane before the sky refills, to hide the setting sun.



May Morning

After two sticky days of high humidity and torrential evening thunderstorms, the air feels fresher this morning and all that rain seems to have been immediately transformed into green lushness.




The hedgerow shelves are stacked with whites: the miniature bouquets of cow parsley are a greener white than the sweet-scented suds of haw blossom. Looking up, even the belated ash is coming into leaf.

And though the sun has been up for hours, a lamb is fast asleep beside the gate.




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